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Friday, January 4, 2013

Long Ridge 2012 Fall Catch Up!

It's been about two months since I last posted...a busy fall with tons of fun hunting and camps giving me the chance to self sabbatical I guess.. Let's take a look at some animals about during hunting season. Eight of us took deer, plus a turkey, plus a grouse, plus a moose, and probably more! The buck below and the doe below him is 130 yards from deer camp at a tree rub. This seven pointer was taken by a Vermont camp member. He was chasing a doe, and it was a running shot. Nice.

 This young man was not taken, and for that I am glad. I still like adhering to QDMA standards.
 Nice fat doe, and this is my first IR camera. Not terribly impressed with IR night shots, and I note that the bucks are aware of it anyway. 
 Turks on my favorite stand.
 Another decent guy!
 Never took this guy either..

 I took this doe with a muzzle loader at 35 yards. Dressed out at 125, smallish for these woods.
 I was alone, so glad that daylight, a sled, and ATV were handy. We were about 3/4 miles out.
 Hanging at camp.
Nice rub for a ten inch diameter tree. This was visited by multiple bucks just above camp.
Stayed tuned for posts of the three camps this season.


  1. Those are some real nice pictures. I haven't had good luck lately with deer cams, they have been burning up batteries more often to usual for some reason.

    1. I find that in very cold weather only the Cuddebacks last at all Rick...

  2. Congrats to the doe....nice pics. We were out for 2 days now with lots of good hunting with two of our dogs. Young Trym is doing really good.

  3. Congrats on your doe! She looks like a dandy by my standards.

    I also got to see a smoke show this year. My first ever in fact, that wasn't at a paper target of course, and it was awesome! I think I was just as excited as I've ever been out hunting. I tell ya what, that muzzle loading stuffs for me! I love it!

    Congrats again now I'm off to enjoy your camp pics.... I love camp pics ;-)

  4. My congrats on your doe! It's meat in the freezer that's for sure and just got me one over the weekend. Always like looking at your deer cam picture and thanks for sharing them with us. :)


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