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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Surging Toward Summer At Long Ridge

Two weeks to go and it will be officially summer here at LRDC. Unofficially I always consider June 1st the beginning of summer. Birds are jumping their nests and flying, hummingbirds everywhere, and warm. Whatever, it is really late in the season to still have trails shut down due to wind and ice damage, but I still have one quarter mile stretch to clear large trees from. In fact, it is so clogged that I am going to bypass it, and cut an entirely new trail to save time. While scouting that out the other day I came across this porky quill pile. I scratched through it and found nary a bone, so I surmise a Fisher killed and ate it. But then 100 feet farther in I found this ice crashed hemlock with the top branches eaten clear of bark, which is what the porcupines do. Perhaps this one was in the top of this hemlock when it came crashing down 70 feet. Maybe he was wounded and couldn't get far, and a Fisher came along. We'll never know, but it seems likely.

The bear is walking past a mineral lick, where the following deer pictures were taken by a Cuddeback. Decent size, and if it is a sow, she would have her cubs with her. I expect it is a boar, as it's the first picture of a bear this spring at Long Ridge. Appears very healthy.
Same mineral lick showing a budding two pointer that will likely bloom to a four or six within the weeks.
And below a budding four that may sprout with time. We are about three weeks behind antler development here compared to the Virginias for instance...
And below a couple of buddies - until October!
Zoom in on this doe and you will see that she is nursing...
No need to zoom in on this beauty to see that she hasn't given birth yet...soon, to be sure!
My last post showed the four robin's eggs in the nest, and then three hatched...well, here they are all four and did fine. We checked them daily.
Then three flew out and the fourth hung in there for about an hour before it too flew down into the field. We watched them all being fed through our binocs.
A lonely strong nest is all that sits there today...

First cutting is up the elevator and in. Barns retouched where necessary, fields mowed, and the spring rush of our small farm is receding. I just want to escape to my camp and the woods! Bow practice is calling..Jack

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  1. That is a nice bear - beware of the bear! Love the robin's nest. Imagine that was so neat to watch. Nice looking deer as well! A cam is so just don't know who will walk in front of it and get their picture taken! Happy Summer Jack! ;)


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