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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Frozen in Place - LRDC in Late March

Well folks, here we are in New Hampshire - absolutely frozen in place! Too cold to be out, and too hot to be in. As I like to say, March is the honest month. She is unequivocally nasty. 5 degrees below zero, to 50 above. It nevers matters whether it is at the beginning or the end of the month. It can get really warm, sub-zero temps 12 hours later, 18" of snow , back to 40 degrees. I love it for that. I took a measuring stick with me on my walk this morning with the pups and found an average of 21 inches of snowpack on the ground. To be sure, these are slightly North facing inclines, but even so I was disappointed in how much we have left. The ice broke up, and opened up the Connecticut River a week ago, and that is always a good sign of spring when water reappears. I do observe some bob houses still out on ponds and lakes though!
One thing about these temps though, I do love walking through the woods on hard crust, no snowshoes needed, over all the trash winter has left. Smooth sailing and the dogs love it too. Unfortunately this time of year brings on other chores, so varmint hunting has taken a back seat. Shearing day was today, and now that that is over, the farm once again becomes secondary (to me). I can begin to think about coyotes again, and  turkeys coming up the 1st of May. And then there is the momentous decision on what to buy for a bow target this year. I have worn out my foamers completely and my Delta buck target ( as I posted) blew out last summer. So that is an adventure in itself!  A fairly expensive one. Buying a cheap bow target every year makes no sense at all...I'll keep you posted!
If you check her withers you can see the wounds on both sides of the ever returning doe. She is continuing to heal and looks like she may make it through to fawning time! 

Just a few springtime pictures of the back yard...

This red fox below somehow beat the fast trigger time of my Cuddeback!
Not this gray one though...
And wouldn't you know it...a coyote to spoil the fun! I'll try to do this guy!
There is her left side, almost completely healed in the last two weeks.

And her other side, also almost fixed! She'll be a wiser and better Mom, come June!

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  1. What a show you've got going on in your backyard! Lucky duck. I'm so jealous!


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