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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Early Fall Goings On...

September started out fairly warm, so I declined to bow hunt until Late September. I have been out once, and saw nothing...I sat up on the Far Ridge for four hours, til dark, and the only thing I heard were acorns falling all around me. This tells me that it will be several weeks before the deer are back to the fields and openings, though it did put me in a nice spot up in the highlands. In any case it was a neat hunt - Tons of geese, mostly Snows, but some Canadas going over. The colors were only just beginning to show.
Today several of the camp members had planned to come up for a non-stayover archery hunt. Wouldn't it happen, but the rain has poured down all day. I do not bow hunt deer in the rain, unless it is very very light. Anything more than a mist, and they are too hard to blood track. So here I sit, wishing it would lighten up by four so I could get an hour or three in, and it may yet. Over the past ten days I have over a hundred and five pictures of deer from several cameras. No decent bucks, but they will show with the cooler weather. A fellow camp member has a huge twelve pointer, big of body, big of rack, on his camera, less than a mile from camp. That will be a taker if we ever see him again. I did finally get a nice moose on my camera this week, and he is a big handsome shiney fellow, no ticks on him! Looks to be a 2-3 year old. He'll be a grand trophy some day. The doe you see is huge! Big of bone and a massive body...she will dress out at 150/160 lbs!.
I did put a new porch on camp, and a new stove with electronic ignition will save us tons of propane over the season. With that, we are set and ready to go. No other major news for a week or two. Any success out there, pass it on, and good luck and safe hunting to all! Jack.


  1. Hope your Fall season goes well! Do you have a regular moose season?

  2. We do, but it is by lottery. Once you win (and you do) you cannot apply for three years. I got one three years ago...

  3. Nice pics of moose/doe from your cam Jack...our bow season opened Oct. 1st but not bowhunting. Rife will open mid-Nov. I hope I do better this year than last. Wishing you GOODHUNTING as well. Take care my friend! :)


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